Taylor Swift is up to her old tricks again, dropping us plenty of mysterious bread crumbs in the form of a cryptic video and expecting us all to dedicate the rest of our weekend to deciphering them.

Lucky for you, dear reader, I have an unhealthy obsession with Ms. Swift and have taken the hard work out for you by doing a deep dive of her scrambled vid and have broken down what we know so far below.

Behold, here’s the video, which was released on Friday American time.

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Obvi, the vid is a clip of a gold vault with a bunch of gibberish letters seemingly coming out of said vault. The video is captioned, “The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video. Level: Expert Happy decoding!”

Swift dropped her first song “from the vault” on March 25th called ‘You All Over Me’ and announced that there is more songs coming. The songs will feature on upcoming re-recorded album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) which will have 26 songs, including six “songs from the vault” which are either revamped or never actually made it onto an album.


The first clue is child’s play; the gold vault is clearly referencing the above mentioned songs T-Swizzles said she’s about to drop. The random letters in the clip, on the other hand, are a little more confusing.

Not one to shy away from cracking a code I (along with a few million other Swifties, I’m sure) buckled down and sacrificed a night of sleep to try and figure exactly what the fuck she was talking about. Look What You Made Me Do Taylor, damnit.

These are the letters that feature on the video, and the brackets shows what the word could be when it’s unscrambled:

EYB (Bye)

INFE (Fine)

GENAURIFT (Featuring)

OUY (You)

EMNRA (Maren)

RM (Mr)

EVRO (Over)

EW (We)

TEKHI (Keith)

EM (Me)

ATHTS (Thats)

EERW (Were)

ABYB (Baby)

HNWE (When)

SROIRM (Morris)

PAYHP (Happy)

LAL (All)

UYO (You)

ETFIRGAUN (Featuring)

ELPCYRET (Perfectly)

RUNBA (Urban)

EYB (Bye)


If you piece together the words (like the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle) it *seems* to suggest the songs “From the Vault” and that will appear on the albums track list. (Disclaimer: please take these findings with a grain of salt, they’re are total assumptions at this point).

‘Mr Perfect Find’

‘We were Happy feat. Keith Urban.’

‘Bye Baby Bye’

‘You All Over Me Featuring Maren Morris’

‘Don’t You?’

‘That’s When’

Thanks a lot for frying my brain Taylor Swift, that was just ‘Mean’. ✌️

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Listen to ‘You All Over Me’ by Taylor Swift: