Everchange want to challenge you, open your mind, and bask in the glory of moving, experimental pop music that doesn’t compromise on catchiness.

After months of crafting the perfect sound and a killer aesthetic to boot, Everchange have emerged to unleash their sleek pop sound, teeming with personality and colour. For frontman Luke, pop music has been a long time passion and now, that love has manifested itself in this project.

“I’ve been passionate about pop music for a long time now and wanted to challenge myself to push boundaries and explore new sides of the genre within my writing.”

Their debut single ‘Bloodclot’ features an electrifying beat that culminates in a soaring chorus, accented with synths that carry it’s lusciously textured hook. Fan of Halsey’s trip-hop inspired edge and Lorde’s alt-pop nuance? We have a feeling you might find your self-humming along to this pretty quickly.

“For our debut single ‘Blood Clot’ I wanted to capture the dark, edgy sounds that have inspired me lately whilst still maintaining a high level of energy. It felt like the right first impression.”

Lyrically, the track delves into the emotions revolving a toxic relationship and the inability to let go says Luke, who also added,  “the three of us each have a history in previous bands but this new, exciting pop sound has us more excited for a release than ever before. We’re so happy to finally share it with the world and we hope that people love it the way we do.” 

Check out the stunning clip for ‘Blood Clot’ below