Evanescence front woman Amy Lee has opened up on the death of two of her siblings in a new interview.

As reported by BlabbermouthLee’s sister Bonnie passed away in 1987 from an illness (not mentioned). Lee’s brother Robby passed away in 2018 from severe epilepsy.

During the podcast interview on Hardcore Humanism Lee said, “I’ve been through some stuff in my life. I lost my sister when I was six, and then, in a completely different world, so many years later and in a totally different situation, I lost my brother, just in 2018.”

“It’s like when the worst possible thing that you could ever fear comes true. I’ve seen the moments when that can happen. And I’m not alone in that.”

Amy Lee continued, “To me, going through that, surviving that, being able to continue on and find a way to make your life make sense afterward, that’s really what I’m talking about.”

She also expanded more on that, explaining what it’s been like carrying on with her life despite her losses.

“It’s not that I like spooky things and darkness because it’s fun to play with danger,” she said. “It’s that the time that I feel the most afraid or alone or whatever in my life is when it’s like it didn’t happen. It’s like the world just went on living like nothing ever went wrong.”

“I remember sometimes feeling really weird on beautiful, sunny days when I was a kid because I felt like it should always be raining when I was grieving my sister.”

“It’s kind of the same thing. To be able to talk about it, to be able to admit it, to be able to face it and say, ‘OK, it hurts this much, and I’m thinking about this stuff.'” Lee also shared that’s why music has been such a huge outlet for her, that for her it’s “something so healthy and so good”.

She said, “To be able to spill my guts is the thing that makes it better, and especially to be able to share it with other people. That’s why music started for me in the first place.”

“Processing the biggest wounds and the biggest challenges that I’ve been through in my life and in my heart, being able to make that into music that I love…”

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