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Evanescence’s Amy Lee didn’t start her music career for the ‘fame’

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has spoken about her reasons behind pursuing a career in music, insisting it wasn't for the "fame". 

Evanescence Amy Lee

Image: Daigo Oliva

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has spoken about her reasons behind pursuing a career in music, insisting it wasn’t for the “fame”. 

Speaking in a new interview with Andy Hall on radio station Lazer 103.3Amy spoke of the various lessons she’s learned after many years in the music industry, as well as what she would have liked to have known back when Evanescence released their 2003 album Fallen.

“I don’t even know how to go down that list, it’s so big,” Amy began. “More than anything, I was really young when we started and just unsure of myself — as a person, as a musician, as anything. And to put yourself up, and things really did rocket launch for us quickly when we made that album, to be in the spotlight and to have people looking at you, talking at you, about you, all of that, becoming famous like that, that was hard for me.”

“I didn’t start out on this path because I wanted fame,” she continued.

“I’m a pretty introverted person naturally. And that might have been a lot easier for me if I knew from the outside, for my future self, it was okay to just be myself. And as much as I felt like I would have said that to you back then — that this is what’s important — it’s really hard to put it into action, especially when you’re young.”

She elaborated: “To just be confident and just believe — truly believe — that I belonged where I was. Because for the first few years of being in this business, it was a constant fight within myself to feel worthy and to feel like I was good enough to be standing on the stages that I was standing on.”

“The perspective of just making it through all those concerts and also seeing the much more important, deeper aspect, which is the connection made with people and the way that the music can touch people and inspire people and move people in a positive way, even when it’s born out of pain — especially when it’s born out of pain because they’ve had that pain too.”

“Making that connection is so much more powerful than if I mess up a note on the piano. I think that that perspective would have been good for me, for sure.”

Evanescence are set to release their new album The Bitter Truth later this year, with their single ‘Use My Voice’ – which celebrates the power of speaking out in the name of justice – out now.

Check out ‘Use My Voice’ by Evanescence:

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