Evanescence are set to drop an entire album of new material for the first time in nine years, with the tracks to be released incrementally over the course of the next year.

It’s time to wake (me) up and get excited, ‘cos from the same emo sweethearts that blessed our MySpace pages with bangers like ‘Going Under’ and ‘My Immortal’ comes their latest project, The Bitter Truth, of which the first single is called ‘Wasted on You’.

Most famous for 2003 album Fallen, we last heard original tunes from Evanescence when they dropped their self-titled 2011 album, followed by 2017’s Synthesis which remade previous tracks with orchestral and electronic elements.

Speaking of recording in the lead-up to the world going into lockdown, lead singer-songwriter and pianist Amy Lee said:

“We were recording this music right up until we couldn’t go into the studio anymore and finished it remotely through file sharing and phone calls.

She continued, “We are still writing and have a lot more work to do on this album, but this time we wanted to release the songs individually, as we create, to live more in the moment with our fans and our music.”

Speaking of the release, Amy said that the band had never planned to release ‘Wasted On You’ first, “but when the whole world went into indefinite lockdown and everything changed, so did the feeling and meaning of what we wanted to say right now.”

Evanescence are best known for early 00’s hits like ‘My Immortal’, ‘Going Under’ and ‘Bring Me To Life’. Image: Evanescence.com

She added, “I didn’t write these lyrics about what we’re all now going through, but somehow that’s exactly what they are.

“As far as business is concerned, this is considered a terrible time to release. But we believe that people need music now more than ever. We do, and we’re not going to wait to share it because who knows what tomorrow brings. Who knows if it even comes?”

She concluded, “This is who we really are and we’re calling out across the world for a connection.”

Watch: ‘Wasted On You’ – Evanescence