In probably the only good news that’s going to come from this day where everything feels like a total descent into madness, footage has emerged of a very good dog executing a dance routine to Evanescence’s perennial anthem ‘Bring Me to Life’.

So apparently there’s a dog sport called ‘heelwork to music’. To compete, dogs must perform choreographed dance routines to a song alongside their human counterpart. It’s a legitimate thing recognised by the U.K. Kennel Club. Every time I think the world is done hurling surprises at me, something like this comes along and knocks me for six.

If you feel like falling into a ‘heelwork to music’ YouTube rabbit hole, it’s a guaranteed dose of serotonin. If you don’t have the time to spare, at least allow yourself a couple of minutes to witness this truly breathtaking performance of an emo staple.

Breeze, a 10-year-old black and white border collie has delivered a truly mesmerising routine to the Evanescence’s 2003 Fallen track. I’ve tried to conjure the words that adequately describe the glory of the video but failed. There are no words in the English language that can do justice to the sight in which you are about to behold. So please, I implore you, watch the god damn video of the dog dancing to ‘Bring Me to Life’ below.

In other news, Evanescence finally unveiled the release date for their highly-anticipated, long-awaited new album, The Bitter Truth. The record will be released on March 26th, and features previously unveiled singles ‘Use My Voice’, ‘Yeah Right’, ‘The Game Is Over’ and ‘Wasted on You.’

In an Instagram post from back in December, vocalist Amy Lee delved into the creative process of the forthcoming record, their first in a near-decade: “Perspectives shifted, lyrics got a new twist, the stars aligned and it finally clicked into place for us as a band on this record. I couldn’t have imagined it like this back then, and I’m so glad we waited for it to become what it is now.”