DJ Snake has teased yet another possible collaboration with Lisa from Blackpink in an enticing snippet of a new track shared online.

The French producer shared a snippet of a track and tagged Lisa as well as Blackpink’s official Instagram accounts with the clip, seemingly confirming their involvement.

Lasting just four seconds on Instagram Story, vocals can be heard, presumably from Lisa, against the backdrop of a clip of an audio workstation showing two soundtracks labeled as ‘Guide HARM’ and ‘LISA_CHO DB’.

DJ Snake has previous with the superstar group. Back in 2019, he hinted at a possible collaboration for the first time. Asked if he would record a song with Blackpink, the producer quickly replied, “Yes.” That came a few weeks after he was pictured with Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé at a concert.

Yet, surprisingly, it didn’t feature on DJ Snake’s second album, Carte Blanche, which was released in July of that year. When pressed by fans as to why this was the case, he simply replied, “Schedule didn’t work for this album.” Fair enough.

Continuing to act like the boy who cried wolf, DJ Snake again got fans hyped for a collaboration when he said on Twitter in January 2020 that he had recorded something with the K-pop stars; however, this too met an uncompleted demise.

Earlier this month, he once again teased a hookup with Lisa, even going so far as to claim that the track was already done. Intriguingly, though, the producer then deleted all his tweets about this collaboration.

So fans remain rightly sceptical – keep an eye out for more details but take this one with a pinch of salt!

And fans are still waiting eagerly for Lisa’s debut solo record, which YG Entertainment previously stated will come within the year.

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