Our regular DBNews show gives us an opportunity to put a spotlight on emerging artists we just can’t get enough of.

Each episode, presented by audiobook service Audible, features the segment DBNew Obsession. Think of it as a ‘one to watch’ of sorts; but with a super massive DBU stamp of approval all over it.

This week’s DBNew Obsession is Byron Bay artist Yorke, also known as Grace Hughes. Check out why we love her in the latest episode of DBNews below:

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If you’re into realer than real pop, and declarations of love (who isn’t though?) then you are going to LOVE this week’s DBNew Obsession.

Yorke (real name Grace Hughes) is from Byron Bay – and she’s not your average post-teen pop artist.

She’s been writing for over a decade, which means that while we were playing with our Happy Meal toys, she was making music.

She’s released just two singles, ‘First Light’ and ‘Wake The City’, so she’s definitely our ‘one to watch for 2019’.

New single ‘Wake The City’ is a clever, dream-pop declaration with the kind of self-references that would make Taylor Swift blush.

The track is about disempowerment in a relationship – which is super clever… Because upon first listen it comes across hopeful but according to Yorke, it’s one of the most “vulnerable and exposed” songs she’s ever written.

So check out Yorke, get as obsessed as we are, and stop by next time when we’ll take you through another DBNew Obsession.

Watch Yorke’s video for ‘Wake The City’: