Our regular DBNews show gives us an opportunity to put a spotlight on emerging artists we just can’t get enough of.

Each episode, presented by audiobook service Audible, features the segment DBNew Obsession, where we put a  massive DBU stamp of approval all over a ‘one to watch’ artist.

This week’s DBNew Obsession is New Zealand artist Theia. Check out why we love her in the latest episode of DBNews below:

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Read the full DBNew Obsession transcript below:

We first discovered Theia when we were sent this track, ‘Not Your Princess’.

Theia comes from the land of the long white cloud, aka Aotearoa, aka home to Lorde and Marmite, aka New Zealand.

Theia caught our attention for 4 reasons:

    1.    Her music is the best kind of pop: brave, brash, dark in places, and danceable as fuck (can I say that?)

    2.    She explores issues like mental health and self confidence but in a way that’s helpful not harmful

    3.    You can tell she knows exactly who she is. Listen to her song ‘Candy’ and tell me this lyric isn’t from a woman who knows her worth!

I’m a killer queen

I do my own thing

Glitter on my teeth

Gold all over me

    And 4. She kind of sounds like the love child of Charli XCX and a swimming pool filled with glitter and unicorns (can we make a gif of this?)

Now for some stats, to prove we did our homework:

  •     She was nominated for three NZ Music Awards off the back of her debut EP
  •     She supported Sia in Auckland in 2017
  •     Her track ‘Candy’ was written alongside Grammy-winning writer Emily Warren (who co-wrote ‘New Rules’ for Dua Lipa and ‘Safety Pin’ with 5 Second of Summer)

So check out Theia, get as obsessed as we are, and stop by next time for another DBNew Obsession, presented by Audible.