Our regular DBNews show gives us an opportunity to put a spotlight on emerging artists we just can’t get enough of.

Each episode, presented by audiobook service Audible, features the segment DBNew Obsession, where we put a  massive DBU stamp of approval all over a ‘one to watch’ artist.

This week’s DBNew Obsession is Melbourne band Pagan. Check out why we love them in the latest episode of DBNews below:

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This week’s DBNew Obsession comes from Melbourne metal outcasts and self-professed blackened rock’n’rollers, Pagan.

They may have been delivering blistering live performances like this one.. since 2015, but prepare yourselves. The cult is coming.

Pagan mix elements of post-punk, hardcore, black metal, and rock and roll in their music but they do it in a way that really breaks the boundaries of each genre.

Take their track ‘Silver’ for example. I highly recommend this as the entry point for the uninitiated.

The track is essentially 5 minutes of cut-throat screams underlaid with classic rock riffs.

The bad said this of the track:
“Silver is a story of toxic love; of two people who serve as each other’s biggest demons. It’s a tale of trying to salvage some sort of happiness with the person who brings out the worst in you, even though you know you also bring out the worst in them.”

Pagan aren’t just taking us to church because of their music and stage show. It’s the entire message that has us so obsessed. They’re not interested in labelling themselves, they’re into Greek mythology, their product line includes photo books, and just look at how sick they look all in white in the ‘Silver’ video

PLUS they’re nominated for Best International Breakthrough at the Heavy Music Awards this year…

So check out Pagan, get as obsessed as we are, and stop by next time for another DBNew Obsession.

Watch Pagan’s video for ‘Silver’ below: