Cryptic billboards with the Panic! At The Disco logo have begun appearing in major cities across America. Fans have been tweeting photos of the billboards popping up in their cities:

What does this mean?

The numbers 6:13 appear on each billboard, which must be a release date. But a release date for what?!

There are apparently 28 billboards around the country waiting to be spotted. There are 28 stops on the Pray For The Wicked Tour, but that was already announced in March – so what else could this be?

Pete Wentz responded to the Tweet, hinting at the possibility of it being a new single release (Eeeek!)

Pray For The Wicked

The band announced their next album Pray For The Wicked earlier this year, and we are literally counting down the days until it’s release.

Listen to the latest single ‘High Hopes’ off Pray For The Wicked below: