In case you missed it, Chance the Rapper loves his wife. Like, really, really loves his wife.

After years of releasing critically acclaimed mixtapes and spending most of his time being heralded as ‘the future’s Kanye West’, Chance the Rapper has finally released his debut album.

The Big Day, which is 22 songs long, is an album mostly dedicated to Chance’s wife, Kirsten Corley, whose celibacy he claims “saved him”, and the reviews are incredibly mixed at best.

Pitchfork claimed the record “struggles to bring depth to his newlywed dad-raps”, popular internet music reviewer Anthony Fantano gave it a rare 0/10, and overall Chance’s attempts at bringing love and God into rap seem to have missed the mark.

However, the internet has picked up on the albums key theme, loving your wife, and has decided to spawn a myriad of memes to celebrate.

The most popular of such memes is a parody song called “I Love My Wife” by Charlie Winsmore, which we guarantee will get stuck in your head.

Since the birth of this parody, the memes have just rolled in endlessly. 

The most excellent of all the memes to spawn from this chaos, is the one guy who made a whole beat around the original parody, which is honestly fire.

And of course, the responses were all about how the beat sounded better than most of The Big Day.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as Chance himself has responded to the memes and mockeries, showing he has an excellent sense of humour.

The one thing that confuses us all during this troubling time though, is why “UGH” is officially spelt as “IGH”.

Grammatical nuances aside, we’ll be listening to the “I Love My Wife” remix all day, and celebrating how much we too, love our metaphorical or actual wives.