Back in March, BTS confirmed the arrival of their forthcoming record, MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA. Since then, the band have been dropping delicious easter eggs and teasers to keep fans quaking with anticipation. MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA is set to arrive this Friday, so here is everything we know about the record so far.


The album will feature 7 tracks, which is just not enough in my personal opinion, but we’ll take what we can get. Check out the tracklist below.


01 Intro: Persona
02 작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy with Luv) [ft. Halsey]
03 소우주 (Mikrokosmos)
04 Make It Right
06 Jamais Vu
07 Dionysus


Yesterday, it was revealed that the record would feature a collaboration with none other than Halsey. The track, ‘Boy with Luv’, will drop with an accompanying music video this Friday. We’ve already had a taste of what’s we can expect with the candy-coloured 46-second teaser trailer that dropped yesterday. If you missed it, watch it below.

Watch: BTS ‘Boy With Luv’ Trailer


The third track on the record, ‘Mikrokosmos’ has us theorizing. Mikrokosmos is the Greek translation of microcosm. Microcosm is humankind regarded as the representation in miniature of the universe. Mikrokosmos is also the name of Béla Bartók’s series of 20th century piano composition. So either there are going to be some thicc beats cradled by the sweet sounds of Bartók, or BTS are here to make us feel insignificant.

Jamais Vu

Track six, ‘Jamais Vu’, is a French phenomenon, that translates to “never seen.” Jamais vu is a psychological experience commonly considered the opposite to déjà vu.

MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA has been in the works for a very long time

Everything BTS does is meticulously calculated. Back in March, one Twitter user with a very keen eye noticed that PERSONA has been referenced as far back as the DNA era. Just check out this jacket of Jin’s.

MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA will arrive on April 12th. To celebrate, let’s take a look at our favourite ARMY theories.