BTS’ Jungkook has opened up about how Ariana Grande inspired him as a performer in a new interview with Rolling Stone

Back in 2019, the youngest member of the K-pop supergroup attended an LA show from Grande’s Sweetener World Tour.

At the time, he took to Twitter to commemorate the concert, saying: “I felt and learned a lot after seeing her stage. I am really challenged by her stage and will try harder!”

Grande was equally as complimentary of Jungkook, revealing on Instagram that his support “meant so much”.

“Screaming. thank u soooooo much for coming to my show, Jungkook. it meant so much. love u sm,” she wrote.

Fast forward two years and Jungkook has explained the specific highlights that he took away from Grande’s show.

“I was really impressed by her stage presence. She’s a very small person, and the volume of her singing and what she was able to do was really moving, really impressive,” he said.

“And it just seemed like something I wanted to emulate and learn from. It made me want to develop and continue to grow.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jungkook revealed how his fellow BTS members have positively influenced him since the group debuted in 2013.

“During the training years, I’d wait until the other guys had fallen asleep so I could wash up by myself in the middle of the night. But I think time really solves everything. If you spend such a long time with the same people, it really affects your personalities,” he said.

“The other members had a lot of influence on me, and I could just feel comfortable because they are such good people. And they encouraged me to open up to them and mature into a good person.”

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Check out the Instagram post by Ariana Grande featuring BTS’ Jungkook: