When Lizzie McGuire said “this is what dreams are made of” this is what she was talking about. K-pop sensation BTS have joined forces with Halsey on a new single.

Yesterday, Big Hit Entertainment (the parent company of BTS) shared a teaser trailer for ‘Boy With Luv,’ the lead single off BTS’ forthcoming record, MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA. The trailer is a mere 46 seconds long and does not give much away, but from what we can tell, it’s going to be a visual feast.

The clip is set in a retro theatre called the “Persona”. It features Halsey, decked out in a gorgeous sherbet ensemble, closing up a ticketing booth. When she walks away from the booth, the BTS boys come into frame, dressed head to toe in hot pink. The teaser ends with a tiny taste of the song. Check out the trailer below.

Watch: BTS ‘Boy With Luv’ feat. Halsey

The track will premiere on April 12th, the same day MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA is set to be released. Christmas has well and truly come early this year folks.

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