After what feels like an aeon of teasing, Bring Me The Horizon have finally unleashed their highly-anticipated collaboration with Yungblud, ‘Obey’.

The track is bone-crushing — a chaotic mesh of guttural screams and meaty riffs laid over a luscious industrial soundscape. Bring Me The Horizon don’t have anything to prove anymore, but they continue to knock us down like a feather with each new release.

‘Obey’ marks the second quarantine release we’ve heard from the Sheffield trailblazers since ‘Parasite Eve’. The track was penned by the band back in the UK and sent over to Yungblud in Los Angeles for him to add his inimitable vocals.

The song arrives with a lairy, futuristic video that takes aesthetic nods from cult classics like Mad Max and Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

“Obey is a soaring ode about how, as a society, oppression has been so normalized in our DNA that we can’t even see it anymore,” Explains Oli Sykes. “We consider ourselves free, but only because the chains are invisible, and we are controlled in ways we don’t even want to think about. They tell us how to live with a smile on their face, like shit ain’t fucked up, inform us of tragic statistics like it’s nothing… it’s a weird world.”

YUNGBLUD adds, “We are being told to conform to a completely outdated idea that we don’t relate to or even understand. They teach us to turn against each other and to fight against our differences rather than embrace and celebrate them.

“They try to keep us divided because it makes us weaker. Robots follow robots, because they feel nothing at all. But what they don’t realize is that to us, to be different is to be free, and a world of fucking love and equality is a world we want to be part of. We will rise above the hate and the diversion. We will fight for the world we want to be a part of.  We will not obey.”

Check out ‘Obey’ bt Bring Me The Horizon featuring Yungblud:</h3>