Brendon Urie sat down with Billboard to discuss how Panic! At The Disco created their absolute tuuuuuune Say Amen (Saturday Night).

The epic horns in the chorus of Say Amen (Saturday Night) are a sample from the song ‘Aphasia‘ by The Budos Band. P!ATD walked out to this huge track on their most recent tour, eventually deciding to to use parts of it on Pray For The Wicked.

Religious ties

Tying the song into his upbringing as part of the Mormon Church felt important, Urie says. We needed to put in the religious stuff, because there’s no escaping it. It’s so much a part of who I am as a person and an artist”.

Saturday night in the Mormon faith is significant, as it is the preparation for the Sabbath. As he is no longer religious, Brendon says his Saturday nights are spent preparing for Sunday by “going hard“, because he can sleep in. “My Sabbath is the sleep in, he jokes.

Brendon Urie explains writing “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”
Image: Billboard

A little help from his friends

To avoid getting “too second-guessy”, he says he smoked a bit of the devil’s lettuce to get the creative juices flowing. From there, it “just kind of came together”, with the singer “verbally vomiting” ideas.

In the video, he shouts out Jake Sinclair, Sam Hollander, Kenny Harris and Morgan Kibby. They all helped him collate his ideas and pull together the massive song in the studio.

Watch the full video of Brendon explains writing Say Amen (Saturday Night):

Panic! At The Disco will also be touring Australia this October!