Undoubtedly one of the greatest pop-punk bands of all time, blink-182 released 1999’s ‘What’s My Age Again’ in their pomp, and the song still goes hard today. But what would have happened if someone else released the tune?

YouTuber SugarpillCovers decided to find out, with a video showing what it might have sounded like if others bands wrote and released ‘What’s My Age Again?’

To kick things off, he gives the opening riffs of the tune a spin in the fast-strumming style of Canadian band PUP.

Then he moves into the style of Alkaline Trio, the band of current blink-182 member Matt Skiba, which unsurprisingly doesn’t sound too different to the original.

Sugarpill then moves through his ideas of how the tune might sound if it were played by RUFO and then cranks out a much harder few bars in the style of The Offspring.

Next up is a syncopated and driving version of his Green Day spin on the track. Then he rifles through a stack of other band styles including Ramones, New Found Glory, Descendents and Nufan.

Fittingly, Sugarpill saves the best for last, ending the ‘What’s My Age Again?’ with the double speed stylings of how Sum 41 might have sounded on the tune.

Watch blink-182 – ‘What’s My Age Again?’ in the style of 10 pop punk bands:

The real blink-182’s last album came in the form of 2018’s NINE, a 15-track effort featuring singles including ‘Blame It On My Youth’ and ‘Darkside’.

In 2020, an unreleased version of ‘I Really Wish I Hated You’ featuring guest vocals from Miley Cyrus leaked online. Fans questioned Mark Hoppus about the legitimacy of the cover, and he was forced to admit the Cyrus version does indeed exist.

Hoppus has also live streamed himself gaming on his Nintendo Switch, during which he’s been performing some classic blink-182 and +44 tunes.

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