Blink-182 have recreated the ‘What’s My Age Again’ music video with classic Seinfeld moments. Jerry and Mark Hoppus belong together.

Blink-182 have taken one of their most iconic songs about acting your age, and re-inserted the track to classic Seinfeld clips. Jerry Seinfeld never acts his age, and is stuck in a permanent man-child state as he stars in the hit 90s “show about nothing.”

Clearly Blink-182 have been doing more than releasing songs about quarantine.  They also have a penchant for throwbacks and nostalgia trips down memory lane. Frank Costanza even gets a sneaky tribute. Rightly so, as the actor who played him recently passed away.

Below I will attempt to name each Seinfeld  episode that is cut to the song lyrics. Disclaimer: this will be from the bridge to the chorus, because the video is not that long!

‘We started making out, and she took off my pants’

Image credit: Seinfeld Facebook

Okay, this Blink-182 lyric cut really quickly to this scene and I can’t even see who Jerry’s kissing so I’m drawing blanks here. Next lyric, please.

‘Then I turned on the TV’

Image credit: Seinfeld Facebook

I think Blink-182 took this from ‘The Illegal Cable’ Seinfeld  episode where Jerry gets Kramer to install cable television the dodgy way. Pre-Netflix days.

Or, it could be that they chose ‘The Boyfriend’ episode where Jerry watches the New York Mets baseball game and meets one of the players, Keith Hernandez, fanboys over him, and then sees his ex-girlfriend Elaine date Hernandez.

‘And that’s about the time she walked away from me’

seinfeld-festivus-blink 182
Image credit: Seinfeld Facebook

Jerry’s girlfriend (one of many), walking away from a gathering with Frank Costanza. The tinsel gives it away. It must be the Festivus epsiode, known as ‘The Strike.’ They would have just finished the airing of grievances as well as the classic line “a Festivus for the rest of us!”

‘Nobody likes you when you’re 23’

Image credit: Seinfeld Facebook

Have you ever just ‘heard’ an image? Jerry’s imitating his “hellooooo” voice, which is an annoying habit that irritates yet another girlfriend and results in their breakup.

This is ‘The Voice’ episode. Aptly named. I’m not sure how old Jerry’s character is meant to be in the show (likely 30 if he can afford to live in Manhatten), but his childish demeanour is on full display here. Love it.

‘What the hell is A.D.D?’

Image credit: Seinfeld Facebook

George shrugging is also another genius cut to the music by Blink. To screen calls coming from a girlfriend he doesn’t like, George sets up an answering machine, all the while sitting on his couch next to the phone.

It’s ‘The Susie’ episode, featuring a classic TV theme from The Greatest American Hero appropriated by George. Back when I had a voicemail system, I tried recording the lyrics below.

“Believe it or not, George isn’t at home// Please leave a message at the beep// I must be out, or I’d pick up the phone// Where could I be? Believe it or not, I’m not home.”

‘What’s my age again, what’s my age again?’

Image credit: Seinfeld Facebook

Jerry playing with a toy? A scuba diver? Okay, I googled ‘Jerry Toy Seinfeld’ and it might be from the ‘Merv Griffin Show’ episode. Kramer finds an old set from legendary talk show Merv Griffin in a dumpster, and then re-assembles it like an IKEA piece of furniture in his apartment.

At some point Jerry dates a woman who has a vintage toy collection and won’t let him touch it. Sounds about right.

Considering it has been 30 years since the show first aired,  that’s not a bad effort to remember split-second clips set to pop and punk rock.

Check out the Blink-182/Seinfled mashup  on Instagram:

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