Billie Eilish is officially making her grand foray into the sneaker industry.

On the whole, this isn’t the first time that Eilish has collaborated with major brands in the fashion industry – think her seemingly endless number of custom Gucci outfits which she can be seen rocking on a number of music award occasions.

What does she rock her Gucci with? Generally speaking, she goes for a choice pair of sneakers which aren’t unusually a pair of Nikes.

And now for the first time ever, Billie Eilish is going to be collaborating with Nike herself, to bring the world a little taste of her style, on the legacy-bearing Air Jordan 1, specifically the KO model.

Right now, a first-look at the pair of shoes has landed on the internet. Coming in a monochromatic lime green – the colour Eilish is most famous for (throwback to that neon green mullet).

On the shoe’s tongue you’ll also find her signature ‘Blohsh’ emblem – in place of a Nike Swoosh. Inside of the shoe there’s her branding worked into to the Jordan logo.

As per Sneaker Newsit’s not unlikely that an extended collection will release soon, making the collaboration an all-rounder. Think clothing, accessories and more.

Earlier this year, Eilish revealed that she actually ended up opting to dye her hair bleach blonde because of a fan’s photo edit.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Eilish was asked about her new look, which saw her switch things up from her signature green and black hair.

She said, “I’ve been wanting it blonde for a while, then I saw a fan edit when I had green hair. It was me with whatever hair colour I had, and they just edited blonde hair on me and I was like: ‘Ah, it’s so sick, I want it.”

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