Judging by the overwhelming response to her new lingerie-themed slumber party video clip for ‘Lost Cause’, it seems that Billie Eilish has already broken the internet. However, the pop star has taken it one step further by releasing a hilarious outtake from the vid in which she covers up a nip slip with some cute lil emojis.

The 19-year-old treated fans to some behind-the-scenes footage that she shared to her TikTok account which features her PJ partying with a group of girlfriends. Midway through the clip, Eilish experiences a wardrobe malfunction which she’s covered up with a ghost emoji.

The nip slip is hilariously captioned with the trademark voice-over that TikTok is known for stating, “titties was falling out”.

A few seconds later, Eilish and her crew spin around for some choreographed dance moves. It seems that a bit too much was on show as Eilish also covered up her derriere with a person emoji and the voice captions, “not showing you this.”

Eilish’s wardrobe malfunctions didn’t end there, either. A matter of seconds later, Eilish covers up her chest while laughing and the voice captions, “titties falling out again”.

Check out Billie Eilish’s hilarious TikTok vid of outtakes from ‘Lost Cause’:


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♬ Lost Cause – Billie Eilish

Eilish’s latest song and video clip have certainly taken the internet by storm, and fans simply cannot get enough. The superstar posted a clip of the vid to her IG and she was inundated with fans absolutely freaking out.

“WHEN I TELL YOU MY JAW DROPPED,” one excited fan commented.

“GIIIIRL ARE YOU FUCKING TRYING TO KILL US OR,” said another, and it seems as though caps are the theme of the day.

‘Lost Cause’ came as a surprise to Eilish’s fans: she made the release announcement on Wednesday on her Instagram, posting a BTS clip of the shoot and calling it ‘one of her favorites.’ 

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Watch the music video for ‘Lost Cause’ by Billie Eilish below: