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Someone has reimagined ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish as a blink-182 song

Former We Are The In Crowd guitarist Cameron Hurley has reworked Billie Eilish hit 'bad guy' in the style of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Billie Eilish and blink-182

Former We Are The In Crowd guitarist Cameron Hurley has earned a reputation for reimagining songs in the style of other artists. Back in 2017, Hurley had us all shook when he reimagined The 1975 track ‘Girls’ in the style of blink-182 circa Enema of the State. Now he’s given another pop banger the blink treatment; reworking the Billie Eilish hit ‘bad guy’ in the style of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

We didn’t know what to expect going into listening to this, but my god, we need a full version immediately. Please, Mark and Travis, call Tom up and give us one last hurrah. Check it out below.

Listen: Billie Eilish goes pop-punk with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket reimagination of ‘bad guy’

This isn’t the first reimagined Billie Eilish track we’ve experienced this month; earlier this week emo stalwarts Hawthorne Heights offered their take on WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? track ‘8’. Check it out now.

Last month, Mark Hoppus sang praises of Billie Eilish. In an interview with KROQ Hoppus revealed that he thinks Eilish is “great.”

“I think that she’s really talented and I think that she is bringing a breath of fresh air into this kind of quasi-alt-pop-electronic thing.”

Hoppus isn’t the first rock icon to heap praise onto Billie Eilish, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl compared the 17-year-old pop sensation to Nirvana.

My daughters are obsessed with Billie Eilish,” Grohl shared. “And what I’m seeing happening with my daughters is the same thing that happened to me at their age.”

“My daughters are listening to Billie Eilish and they’re becoming themselves through her music. She totally connects to them. So we went to go see her play at the Wiltren, and that connection that she has with her audience is the same thing that was happening with Nirvana in 1991. The people in the audience know every word.”

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