Australian musician Evangeline recently found herself a little star struck when Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes mentioned that her new song ‘Euphoria’ sounds “so good.”

One of Australia’s own found herself raking in hoards of compliments on her latest single, including a line from Oli Sykes, himself.

Evangeline, a dark-pop singer from Melbourne, recently released the second song from her forthcoming EP, titled ‘Euphoria’. Following posting it to Instagram, she quickly noticed that one of her favourite musicians had actually listened to her new tune, and seemed to enjoy it.

Among the comments of “amazing visuals,” and many love-heart emojis, one comment with a little blue tick next to the name stood out: “This sounds so good,” the comment from Oli Sykes read.

Check out the Instagram post from Evangeline:

The dark-pop singer, Evangeline, notes that she was a bit shocked to see the comment pop up, and felt a bit of disbelief before vetting the profile that the compliment came from.

“Honestly, at first I thought the comment was from someone who was a fan of Oli’s, who may have just taken a very similar account name,” Evangeline shares.

“Bring Me The Horizon have always been one of my favourite bands, especially because I feel like I have been so consistently attached to every sound they have evolved to.

“Receiving that comment was the highest of compliments I could have received and it feels so surreal to have been seen and heard by someone I respect and literally listen to daily.”

Check out the song that meets Oli Sykes approval – ‘Euphoria’ by Evangeline: