There’s nothing quite like hearing a tune by your favourite Aussie artist just to find out that they’ve collaborated with a huge international act that you’ve loved for quite some time.

Let’s face it, new music from your favourite band or artist is something that gets you a bit excited. You might get a notification from Spotify that something new has been added, or maybe you’ll stumble across it while listening to the radio. One thing is for sure – you’ll be jamming in about two seconds flat.

Now, let’s chuck in a bit of a collab with your favourite Aussie artist – maybe a bit of a chorus combo with a big international name, or perhaps a co-production? That’s where hits are born, and that’s what definitely gets us grooving.

There are SO many good collaborations about, and it’s always nice to see the Aussie music scene getting some love around the world, too, with these big names joining with our homegrown artists. Let’s check out some of the goodies!

1. Sam Fischer with Demi Lovato:

There is hardly a combination better than Australian pop singer-songwriter Sam Fischer, and pop sensation Demi Lovato. The two compliment each other with Fischer’s smooth vocals mixed with Lovato’s huge range, and together combine to make something quite special. ‘What Other People Say’ showcases a massive beauty that emerges from Aussie artists collaborating with international artists.

Check out ‘What Other People Say’:

2. The Kid LAROI and Juice WRLD:

Classically combined, The Kid LAROI and Juice WRLD didn’t just go on to make great, collaborative tunes with one another like in ‘GO’, but the late rapper actually served as a mentor to The Kid LAROI, who soon gained plenty of international attention. This 2020 single definitely shines as one of the highlights of their collaborations.

Check out ‘GO’:

3. ONEFOUR and A$AP Ferg:

Regarded as the pioneers of drill-rap, Aussie outfit ONEFOUR put forth their best foot when pairing up with New York singer-songwriter A$AP Ferg for ‘Say It Again’. Serving as a blistering example of what the collaboration is capable of, the 2020 single features killer beats, strong lyrics, and an unparalleled combination of talent.

Check out ‘Say It Again’:

4. Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco:

Well known for being the winner of the first ever Australian Idol in 2003, Guy Sebastian’s ‘Battle Scars’ is an exceptional collaboration of Aussie artist mixed with international acts. Featuring American rapper Lupe Fiasco, the nearly decade-old hit still resonates strongly as an incredible combination of two famed singers.

Check out ‘Battle Scars’:

5. Parcels and Daft Punk:

Although they’re now based in Germany, Parcels started their endeavour as a quintet out of Byron Bay. Pairing their electro-pop staple sound with the wisdom international act Daft Punk holds, together they create a mellow disco funk fusion by co-writing and producing ‘Overnight’ together.

Check out ‘Overnight’:

6. Sia and Kendrick Lamar:

Although Sia is an internationally renowned artist, we can’t forget her humble beginnings as an artist from South Australia. Now, she pairs up with big names across the world, and quite notably with American rapper Kendrick Lamar for ‘The Greatest’.

Check out ‘The Greatest’:

7. Amy Shark and Travis Barker:

Lastly, while there are many great Aussie-international combinations, we’d be daft to not mention Amy Shark and Travis Barker in ‘C’MON’. Reaching #65 in the 2020 Hottest 100, the song is filled with Shark’s beautiful vocals and Barker’s trademark drumming.

Check out ‘C’MON’: