UK Pop-Punk outfit As It Is have been on a steady rise of late, and are kicking 2019 off with a bang with a new music video for their tune The Fire, The Dark.

Taken from their stunning new LP The Great Depression, the video shows just how far As It Is have come both as a band and performers, in addition to showcasing new guitarist Ron Ish in action.

As far as music videos go it’s the tried, tested and well-received formulae of a collection of live snippets, taken from the bands recent EU/ UK Tour.

Sporting a dashing cocktail-emo aesthetic, the anthemic tune if brought to life with the stunning visuals of screaming crowds, pyrotechnics, and enough radiance to make us pretty damn excited for the next time they hit our shores. Check out the footage below.

The Fire, The Dark, featuring incredible live footage

It’s a triumphant video for a dark song from an even darker record, which singer Patty Walters told us all about when we chatted to him last year.

“Numbers, likes, views, analytics were very detrimental to my mental health. They really consumed me as a person. I let those things validate me or at least felt like they did because those things can never validate you” said Walters at the time, touching on the themes that the band explores on the record, which included toxic masculinity, sexual assault, and personal growth.

Thankfully, As It Is are a band who practices what they preach, with their upcoming run of US dates being done in tow with A Voice for the Innocent, a non-profit organization that provides community, resources, and support for people who have been affected by sexual violence.

The band will a representative at every date of the tour to educate fans on consent and support, a move which hopefully many more bands dear to us here at Don’t Bore Us can follow suit with.

You can read more about the band’s work, and their plans for 2019, here.