Arlo Parks has performed a reflective, laid-back rendition of Billie Eilish’s ‘my future’, gracing us with another fantastic cover.

You may remember her from her collaboration cover of ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ with Phoebe Bridges earlier this month, an astounding shiver-worthy performance. If you haven’t been graced with Parks’ mesmerising vocals yet we recommend you give this one a good listen.

As Consequences of Sound reported, Arlo Parks is an emerging 20-year-old RnB artist and poet from South London. This is her first solo performance on the BBC. Her performance explored the vulnerability and self-reflection of Eilish’s hit song, demonstrating a strong level of restraint in her voice. She stood on a dark stage with glittery lighting, melting her vocals with the single electric guitar.

Arlo Parks was longlisted as a Breakthrough Act of 2020 according to the BBC. She’s definitely making her mark now with these encouraging performances. Her musical debut was with her best-known track ‘Cola‘ back in 2018.

As part of the BBC1’s Live Lounge Month, Park’s performance is not the first to cover Eilish’s track. At the start of the month, Miley Cyrus performed the same track in a full-hearted, upbeat ballad completely contrasting this new cover. While both performances highlight different emotions in the song, I tend to prefer this melting version as it truly highlights the beauty of Eilish’s lyrics. Arlo Parks purposefully pulls back in many of her performances to showcase lyrics.

It’s clear Parks has a nack for covers as she recently released a cover single of Radiohead’s ‘Creep‘. Again, this is a beautifully restrained ballad. She also has released 3 original singles this year, ‘Eugene’, ‘Black Dog’, and ‘Hurt’. Definitely a few tracks to add to your relaxing playlist.

If you’re in love with ‘my future’ or just in love with RnB, check out Arlo Parks’ cover below.

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