It’s fair to say that Ariana Grande’s never been one to do things by halves, and her latest single ’34+35′ is no exception. 

Indeed, the certified superstar is bringing all the Austin Powers vibes in the track’s decidedly dreamy music video.

The video sees Grande serve up some serious cyborg energy by donning a near-identical outfit to the Fembots seen in the original film.

Dressed in a lilac babydoll number with matching gloves and platform heels, her fembot fit is so accurate it could be straight out of the ’60s.

As if that wasn’t enough, Grande also portrays a number of other personas throughout the clip, from a lab coat wearing scientist to an armoured-up robot.

Of course, the music video isn’t the only thing causing a stir, with many fans taking note of the song’s, ah, vivid lyrics.

With a chorus that includes the lines “Can you stay up all night? / Fuck me till the daylight,” it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out exactly what the song’s title is alluding to.

’34+35′ is the second single from Grande’s newest album Positions, which was released late last month.

It follows the album’s first single ‘Positions’, which saw Grande take on the role of President in its overtly political video.

Grande had already had a huge 2020 prior to the album’s release, having collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

‘Stuck with U’ with Bieber and ‘Rain on Me’ alongside Gaga both made it to number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Given Grande’s second most recent album Thank U, Next was only released last year, it’s safe to say she’s one of the most prolific artists going ’round.

Check out Ariana Grande’s ’34+35′: