Performing to a sold out crowd, Amy Shark hit the stage at New York’s Bowery Ballroom with a mission, to have fans leave emotionally, physically and mentally f**ked, “if you don’t leave feeling like that, then I haven’t done my job.” If looking to the girl on my right, who said “I’m not good” while touching her forehead during ‘Middle of the Night’ is anything to go by, she nailed it.

This was the Aussie stars second time headlining a show in New York City. “Every show before this was a crappy warm up”, she gave it her all. Her personable approach with quirky stories, awkward but endearing dance moves and her sheer talent, made it apparent why her fans adore her. (Ok, bad pun. I tried!)

“An ex once told me, you know you’re not perfect Amy. I was shocked. Me? Not perfect? I had to take a long look in the mirror, and then wrote Worst Girl.” Her lyrics are like she’s shared her diary for the world to read, so it’s no wonder stars like Lena Dunham and Blink’s Tom DeLonge have chimed in with support.

Winning two ARIA Awards last year, he was right.

She played for just over an hour, smashing out all her hits like ‘Adore’ and ‘Weekends’ and threw in a surprise cover of Eminem‘s ‘Superman’.

Want to check her out on tour? Details are here.