All Time Low have sent a fan not only a birthday cake, but a new song aptly called ‘Birthday’… how sweet!

You can have a listen to the track here.

Birthday girl Nicole had no idea how they had her address but assumed it was from being signed up to their fan club.

Originally, she thought it was a joke from one of her friends, until she saw the link to the track on the box.

Fans on Twitter were equally surprised by the delivery…

The song itself can only be described as a total bop!

You know I want you in the worst way
I need you like cake on my birthday
The way you operate is so sweet
I need you like cake on my birthday

But the real questions still remain… What flavour was it? Did it taste nice? Can we have some? Plz and thanks.

In case you missed it, All Time Low have also announced more dates for ‘The Summer Ever After’ tour with Dashboard Confessional and gnash. Check the details here.