Most well-known as the frontman of famed emo idea My Chemical RomanceGerard Way has a voice that’s in pretty high demand. I know we’re all still mourning the loss of MCR, and we tried to fill the MCR-shaped hole with Gerard’s solo album Hesitant Alien. But when that didn’t quite heal our broken hearts, Don’t Bore Us went digging for more. We present, a list of songs that Gerard Way sings on that you may or may not have heard:

1. The Water is Wide (O Waly, Waly)

Gerard recorded this in 2014 for what is widely regarded (by us, at least) as the strangest film in the world, Tusk. It’s a comedy-horror, and is a pretty difficult and bizarre watch, however if you can make it all the way to the end you get to hear this masterpiece. This is a cover of a traditional Irish folk-song, and while the reason for the cover is strange, the cover itself is really incredible. And makes us feel a whole lot of emotions. It’s like the worlds darkest lullaby.

2. Superstar

This cover of The Carpenters classic was recorded in the studio during the recording of The Black Parade, specifically right before the band recorded Cancer.

His wife Lyn-Z has also said that she gets him to sing this to her whenever she’s feeling down. Hold me.

3. Falling In Love Will Kill You

Wrongchilde is the solo project of Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine, and Gerard lends an incredible vocal feature to Falling In Love Will Kill You. On the recording of the song, Mat has said “It was Gerard who had the vision to take a chance on it as two guys. The producer totally agreed, and the minute Gerard started singing, we knew it could be no other way.  We all got chills. I’m so insanely lucky that he was in LA at the time, and that he was so cool and generous with his time and voice.”

We have chills too. This gets a big tick of approval from us.

4. Safe and Sound

This was recorded with Japanese artist Kyosuke Himuro back in 2010, as the end theme for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It’s been seven years since this song came out and it still doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Also, Gerard singing in a rainstorm in the desert? You’re welcome.

5. In Defense of the Genre

If you haven’t heard the full Say Anything album named after this song, that is highly recommended. Gerard leant a vocal feature to In Defense of the Genre which starts at the 2:42 mark (but do yourself a favour and listen to the whole song).

6. Professional Griefers

The collaboration we never knew we needed? Deadmau5 and Gerard. Good luck getting this one out of your head, I’ve been singing it non-stop since this came out in 2012.

If that still isn’t enough Gerard Way vocals in your life, definitely listen to Hesitant Alien (because it’s great, but also because listening to MCR right now is all together too emotionally straining):