In 2018, we’ve already been pretty spoilt for choice when it’s come to tours. In just a few short months, we’ve been lucky enough to catch Waterparks, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Simple Plan and more live, fulfilling our dream of spending the majority of our free time soaking up the presence of our heroes in person.

Now, Unify Presents have taken to Twitter to tease what we’re sure will be a total event for the ages. “An epic Pop Punk tour will be announced tomorrow morning at 7AM AEST. 4 Bands, with the headliners coming from overseas,” reads the cryptic tweet.

We have a ridiculously long list of acts we’d love to see live – considering there are 4 acts set to appear on the lineup, quite a few of them are about to be ticked off our wishlist.

Who could it possibly be? You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for 7am tomorrow morning……