Mark Hoppus is an extremely multifaceted human being. Aside from assuming the coveted role as the Godfather of modern pop punk, responsible for crafting iconic blink-182 tracks that have transcended generations of rock fans, he’s taken bands under his wing, hopped on guest vocals and produced stellar albums (not to mention his incredible tweeting abilities as well, but that’s for another day.)

It’s fair to say he’s invested a lot of his time in ensuring the scene stays thriving – he’s worked with tonnes of artists but here are a few of our favourite collaborative efforts from the pop punk hero.

Neck Deep – December – Guest Vocals

Neck Deep established their penchant for the perfect heart-string tugging acoustic tunes straight off the bat with the release of the already iconic ‘A Part Of Me’ back in 2012.The band continued their acoustic legacy in 2016 on the track ‘December’, a clear standout on Life’s Not Out To Get You (an album that undeniably shifted the scene’s paradigm). On a re-issue of the track, Mark lent his vocals to a full-band version of the nostalgia-inducing banger, taking over on the crushing bridge.

Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This To Memory – Production + Guest Vocals

Motion City Soundtrack are one of the most inventive emo bands of all time, taking huge influence from indie rock and combining it with the open lyricism and catchiness of pop punk, culminating in a totally unique experience. Mark produced their genre-defining and highly influential 2005 album Commit This To Memory, that features some of the band’s biggest hits like ‘Everything Is Alright’ and ‘When You’re Around’. The album features dizzying electronics (Waterparks have a lot to thank them for) and ultra-quirky riffs. He also lent his vocals to the slow-burner ‘Hangman’ – check it out:

Tonight Alive – Thank You And Goodnight – Guest Vocals

Every modern pop punk band owes their success to blink-182 and, Tonight Alive are no exception. To have a member of the band show up on your debut album is a massive achievement, especially for what at the time, was a group of rag tag Sydney kids. Mark provided vocals on the track ‘Thank You And Goodnight’ – a song that features the bounciest guitar riff that basically begs crowds to starts circle pits and climbs on each other’s backs.

All  Time Low – Tidal Waves

See what we said above about band’s ripping off blink? There hasn’t been an offender as serial as All Time Low (we mean that as a total compliment), with Alex and Jack basically assuming the position as the Mark and Tom of this generation. Mark jumped on guest vocals on the Future Hearts track ‘Tidal Waves’, an incredibly underrated track off an underrated album in All Time Low’s back catalougue.

New Found Glory – Not Without A Fight – Production

When it comes to pop punk influence, New Found Glory are one of the only bands who come close to paralleling blink’s enduring popularity. The album Not Without A Fight continued NFG’s stride in releasing stellar albums in an extremely consistent back catalogue, developing on the riff-heavy sound they’d established a few years prior with Catalyst – thanks to Mark’s producing abilities.