7 years ago 5 Seconds of Summer played their first ever gig at Sydney’s iconic Annandale Hotel. They reportedly played to 12 people. This is insane when you take into consideration that a year later the band were touring the world with One Direction, playing to around 1.3 million people.

I went to the second ever 5sos show, which also happened to be at The Annandale. It was a pop-punk bill stacked with a bunch of local hopeful acts that are mostly now defunct. The crowd was a jarring mix of young, excited girls and intimidating pit bros wearing tropical shirts, bumbags and Nike TNs. It was an initiation the local scene for a bunch of young kids (myself included).

call the shots
The flyer from 5 Seconds of Summer’s second-ever show

The set was awkward. Which is to be expected from a band that had only ever cut their teeth playing school assemblies, shopping centre carparks and cinema lobbies. There was a cover of a Katy Perry song, I can’t remember which one but I do remember that they clumsily added a “f*ck” that wasn’t in the original lyrics.

Watch: 5 Seconds of Summer – Get Out (Live at the Annandale Hotel)

Despite the nervous, oft dorky energy – there was something very lovable about 5 Seconds of Summer. In a room full of sanctimonious pop punk elitists, they were the underdogs you felt compelled to root for. And thus began the unstoppable, upwards trajectory of one of Australia’s most successful exports. Check out all of our favourite Twitter nostalgia moments below.

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