With multiple albums and EP’s under their belt, it’s almost impossible to decide which All Time Low songs are the cream of the crop. Narrowing their incredible catalogue down to a list of our favourite seven tracks was a long and arduous process, but we finally got there.

7. ‘Guts’, Dirty Work, 2011

It’s possibly a controversial opinion featuring a cut off the ever-divisive Dirty Work on a “best of list.” But I can’t help thinking what a shame it would be if a new All Time Low listener boycotted the album because of it’s negative connotations and in turn, missed out on this delicious track. ‘Guts’ is a soaring slice of pop-rock heaven. The harmonies that feature on that last chorus are enough to have me believing in god.

6. ‘If These Sheets Were States’, Don’t Panic, 2012

According to an official consensus performed on my four friends and I, ‘If These Sheets Were States’ was unanimously decided to be the most luscious track on Dirty Work. We’re not quite sure what it is about the song that strikes a chord in our pop-punk hearts, but we can’t deny it’s infectious power. Perfect, shiny pop punk rich that showcases some of Alex Gaskarth’s best lyrical efforts to date.

5. ‘Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)’, Nothing Personal, 2009

Sure, this sweet little ditty is undeniably corny, but wasn’t 2009 in its entirety? People roamed free in v-neck tees in colours that would make Pantone quake. ‘Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)’ perfectly encapsulates the era. I love it for its unapologetic corniness, quite frankly we need more syrupy sweet pop-punk numbers.

4. ‘Vegas’, So Wrong It’s Right, 2008

If I was ever asked about what I believe the most quintessential pop-punk lyric of all time is “My friends are a different breed/my friends are everything” springs to mind. ‘Vegas’ is just pure fun. That bridge could have been taken directly out of the Adam Lazzara handbook.

3. Weightless, Nothing Personal, 2009

If you don’t count in every new year to this track were you even an active Tumblr user in your early teens? What can I say about ‘Weightless’ that hasn’t already been said before. It’s a perfect track, period.

2. ‘The Party Scene’, The Party Scene, 2005

Perhaps ranking a song off Put Up or Shut Up this song is a point of contention, but this is my listicle, if you disagree, that is totally fine because we’re all entitled to our own opinions but please let me live in a 2008 haze forever. This is All Time Low at their grittiest and it will have a special place in my heart forever.

1. ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’, So Wrong It’s Right, 2009

There’s a reason the Thames street sign has been stolen so many times. It’s because this song fucking rips. If I were to encapsulate All Time Low’s illustrious career in one track it would be this.

Let us know what your favourite All Time Low tracks are!

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