For years we have seen many musicians make cameos on our screens, however, no one does it better than a bunch of pop-punk musicians. There’s no better feeling than bingeing Netflix on your couch only to be met eye to eye with your favourite band!

Teen flicks and pop punk seem to go together perfectly. I mean, how could you simply have a school dance without Fall Out Boy or Good Charlotte showing up to play to save the day?

Chock full of cargo shorts and cheesy acting, we have cultivated all the best (in our totally unbiased opinion) movie cameos right here for you. Peep these delicious on-screen moments…

1. Blink 182 – American Pie

This was definitely one of the most memorable (and slightly disturbing) scenes of the late 90’s. But Blink’s acting skills were #unclockable in this scene!

2. Good Charlotte – Not Another Teen Movie

How lucky we were to have multiple Good Charlotte performances in the movie, but what I really want to know is if anyone’s school dance was actually like this?

3. Simple Plan – New York Minute

The Olsen twins and Simple Plan seems like a weird choice, but Lomax put it best with “Simple Plan, they rock”. And they sure do rock in New York Minute.

4. Fall Out Boy – One Tree Hill

So, this one isn’t a movie, but it is definitely a personal favourite. What is better than seeing Pete Wentz acting on your television? Pete Wentz being on your television for 3 episodes!

Pete stole the show when he said: “so a hot girl quotes me to me, is that wrong if it turns me on?”, however, let’s not let it distract from the not one, but two majestic performances Fall Out Boy rocked out  hard for in One Tree Hill.

5. The Offspring – Idle Hands

This one just has to be watched until the end…

6. Sugar Ray – Scooby Doo

From the highlights to the tank tops and baggy jeans, this one has early 2000’s written all over it, and honestly, we are here for it.

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