5SOS have collaborated with Swedish Youtuber and comedian Seth Everman, with a hilarious remix of ‘Youngblood’, for the songs’s anniversary.

YouTuber and funny man Seth Everman (who has quoted himself as saying he only releases two videos a year) has given 5SOS the Billie Eilish treatment. That is, he has remixed the song ‘Youngblood’ comedic piano videos and parodies, often maintaining a straight face in a deadpan manner.

Right in the comments section of his official YouTube page, he explains how the song came about.

“Hey guys my friend michael clifford from 5sos messaged me about their song youngblood’s 3rd anniversary and asked if i wanted to do something with them. we came up with this. i am very sorry. thank you for always supporting my videos even though i upload about twice per year.” (sic).

Image: Youtube/Seth Everman

5SOS were teasing this week that something would drop soon (a new record perhaps?) and it was all over their Instagram story. Of course we have the receipts.

Image: 5SOS Instagram Story.
Image: 5SOS Instastory/Ashton Irwin.

In the two images, lead guitarist Michael Clifford is in the recording booth and drummer Ashton Irwin has said he is “in the process of making something brand new with @ryanfleming.”

At a glance, it looks like a collaboration. And to be fair, we’re not ruling it out.

That is, until we landed with this final, 3rd panel.

Image: 5SOS Instagram.

It’s him. Seth Everman.  With his deadpan look. Was that the conclusion?

Some more scrolling on Instagram (as recently as 4 days ago) sees Ashton Irwin in absolute chaos as he recreates ‘Youngblood’ with no budget. Again, this mysterious Ryan Fleming is tagged as a collaborator.

Thank you for the energy, Ashton, but we cannot deal with this right now.

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Regardless of whether there’s a studio album in the pipeline (not to mention a cancelled tour), please enjoy almost a minute of imagination, or depending on how you look at it, insanity.

Listen out for stainless steel cookware, Mario Kart and random sound bites of the band.

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