Collaborations have existed since time immemorial, since the first cavewoman took her man and made a duo band with only rocks and sticks. But that doesn’t mean that all collaborations are good. In fact, a lot of them just aren’t.

Sometimes however two unlikely allies come together to make an absolute banger of a track, despite their obvious sonic differences.

We’ve gathered five of the songs that have made us sit back and wonder, ‘wait how did this work so well?’

1. Taylor Swift x Kendrick Lamar – ‘Bad Blood’

‘Bad Blood’ was simple star-studded when it came to the music video, and definitely didn’t need any collaborations to improve upon it. However, i’m sure we can all agree, Kendrick Lamar absolutely smashed his verses on ‘Bad Blood’ out of the park, adding new layers to the song that previously weren’t there.

2. Coldplay x Rihanna – ‘Princess of China’

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Coldplay and Rihanna are vastly different in their musical output, and yet on this track, it somehow all blends really smoothly.

3. Lana Del Rey x A$AP Rocky x Playboi Carti – ‘Summer Bummer’

Lana Del Rey on a rap track? Well, yeah, it happened, and it sounded absolutely incredible. Lana’s voice surprisingly glides over trap beats with ease, and the rap verses from A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti only made the song even better.

4. B.o.B x Hayley Williams -‘Airplanes’

This song was absolutely huge, and for good reason. Nobody would ever assume that Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams and rapper B.o.B would come together so excellently. It’s really still a shock that this worked so well.

5. Billy Rae Cyrus x Lil Nas X – ‘Old Town Road’

It’s the obvious answer, but for real who thought this would be so excellent? Catchy, fun, and never took itself too seriously. And it’s still in our heads.

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