5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) have some incredible artist collaborations including Julia Michaels and Charlie Puth. We pick the best.

Incredibly but not surprisingly, 5SOS hit a billion streams of the ‘Youngblood’ single on Spotify.

Image: 5SOS/Instagram

The boys are more than capable on their own. But sometimes the chemistry’s just right when they join an artist collaboration.

#5 ‘Girls Talk Boys’ –  collab with Teddy Geiger:

Although more likely nowadays to write songs with Shawn Mendes, Teddy Geiger helped 5SOS to create this funky, 80’s nostalgic artist collaboration. The catchy guitar and upbeat riff really signalled that the boys had crossed into Pop. The steady, hard hitting drums and mixture between that groovy bass and guitars was a real standalone on the Looks Good, Feels Good. Geiger does not sing or appear in the artist collaboration video, but her collaboration as an artist is noticeable and this retro Ghostbusters soundtrack song sounds as fun as it looks.

#4 ‘Take What You Want’ – collab with One Ok Rock

Technically, it is 5SOS appearing as the artist in this collaboration with One Ok Rock, but it’s no secret that the Youngblood singers are kind of obsessed with Japanese culture.

This artist collaboration dabbles with alternative rock and emo through to post-hardcore. I can just imagine Luke Hemmings lying on the floor during this artist collaboration, aching as he sings “Take what you want, take what you want, and go.”

#3 ‘Who Do You Love’ –  collab with The Chainsmokers

This time again, it’s 5SOS who feature on The Chainsmokers artist collaboration, as the pop-punk merger goes into overdrive with EDM. Ever tried singing “Now, now, who do you, who do you love, love (yeah),” to the beat of the track and never run out of breath at karaoke? Yeah, it’s tough!

We also get to hear more of Michael Clifford’s vocals in this track compared to the band’s earlier music. This artist collaboration is one of those opportunities for this.

#2 ‘Easier’ – collab with Charlie Puth

Is it easier to keep this track at number 2 in the rankings, or is it easier to let this artist collaboration go higher to number 1? Ultimately, it’s the battle of the falsettos as Charlie Puth takes on Luke Hemmings. This artist collaboration really gets at the tug of war between having to choose between leaving and staying in a relationship. It’s synth-laden pop, but this artist collaboration is what you expect after featuring with The Chainsmokers.

1# – ‘Lie To Me’ – collab with Julia Michaels

The lonely guitar riff at the beginning just does it for me. This artist collaboration shows both sides of the story, with Julia Michael’s rugged riffs reminding us that it cuts both ways in a relationship. She harmonises really well on the bridge and chorus with Hemmings, and has a longing that calls out to be understood in the song.

The way she subtly changed the lyrics from “While I’m cleaning up your mess, I know he’s taking off your dress,” to “While he’s taking off my dress, I know she’s laying on your chest” is genius.

Never heard these artist collaborations? We recommend you play them, because the band won’t be hitting our stages anytime until 2021.

Check out the quality quarantea in the meantime:

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