Don’t Bore Us was lucky enough to chat with Sarah And The Safe Word ahead of the Friday release of their epic new EP, ‘Red Hot & Holy’… yep, we had a listen and CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR IT. Described as vaudeville, gothic, and theatrical (hello Brendon Urie), the queer and POC-positive band promote safety and inclusivity in all listeners, which we are here for!!

Watch: Sarah And The Safe Word – Red Hot and Holy

Don’t Bore Us found out 13 things you need to know about the incredible seven piece line-up. This is what they told us:

1. Sarah once ran a write-in campaign for Soil Commissioner in their home county as a joke, and accidentally won enough votes to cause a run-off.

2. Our keyboardist Beth is a single mom raising a nine-year old.

3. Bassist Maddox is from Boston and roots for the Patriots, but we like him anyway.

4. Our violinist Susy regularly plays in a traditional Mexican mariachi band.

5. Violist Courtney is also a middle school orchestra teacher, and her students inexplicably love us.

6. Our drummer Sam is a pilot and technician for those big, real planes in the sky.

7. Guitarist Kienan is Canadian and technically Internet meme famous.

8. Every single member of the band can sing, which makes for very interesting touring van sing-along experiences.

9. Both Susy and Maddox are accomplished photographers and graphic designers/artists.

10. Sarah And The Safe Word once played a popular Southeastern anime convention (that shall remain nameless). The promoters changed stages, locations, and set times on our band literally nine times over the course of eight hours before we finally ended up playing the main stage during a cosplay contest. This was one of the band’s very first shows, and it ended up becoming a wonderful bonding experience.

11. The band has also experienced two flat tires during a three show weekend run, right before the first show and right after the last.

12. We once had to cancel an entire coastal Florida tour two days before it began due to Hurricane Irma, during which one of the venues we were scheduled to play blew down and no longer exists. We lovingly refer to these recurring mishaps as “The Safe Word Effect”.

13. Sarah originally started Sarah And the Safe Word as a solo project because they wanted to keep things simple. The general consensus is that these intentions were adorable and hilarious.

So what is the safe word? We still have no idea.

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