Ed Sheeran has today dropped the music video for his hit ‘Perfect’ and well, it’s perfect. Starring Vampire Academy’s Zoey Deutch, it’s picturesque, heart-warming and makes me us want to take a trip to the snow.

In light of this, we thought it was only right to pull together and rank our favourite Ed vids for your viewing pleasure.

10. Castle On The Hill

Said to be a love letter to his adolescence, it straight up hits the feels. Ed returned to his hometown of Framlingham in Suffolk to film the video.

9. All Of The Stars

Filled with uplifting quotes, this is a feel good vid. It’s also from the soundtrack of one of our fav films, The Fault in Our Stars. Okay? Okay.

8. Galway Girl

I’m going to go out there and just say it. This track is the only Ed song I strongly dislike… I find it annoying as sh*t, but the video is a good time.

7. Don’t

How can a human bend like that?? One of life’s great mysteries.

6. Perfect

Karaoke and pizza? Relatable. Snowball fights and a guy writing a song for you? IN MY DREAMS!!!

5. Drunk

A cat that drinks beer, plays video games, DJ’s and knows how to fist pump… It needs its own Instagram or YT channel.

4. Sing!

Did you know that this song wasn’t even going to be on ‘x’?! Elton John heard it and said “that’s your first single.” As for the music vid, puppet Ed, with a Pharrell feature… Here for it!

3. Small Bump

I’m not crying… you’re crying. This vid was impressively shot in a single take and is very intense.

2. Lego House

Ron Weasley!! Need we say more?!

1. Thinking Out Loud

Ed spent countless hours of secret dance lessons with Brittany Cherry, who features in the vid. It also has almost TWO BILLION views online, making it his most watched. TWO BILLION.

Do you agree with our rankings?? If not, too bad 😉

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