Not only should you dump him, but you should also be listening to Dump Him, punk’s queer force that is here to stay.

Fresh off the release of their brand new album Dykes to Watch Out For, Dump Him bring queer identities and raw sounds back to the punk scene, and we’re so grateful we managed to stumble upon them.

As soon as ‘Dykes to Watch Out For’, (the titular track of the band’s new album) rolls in, you know that this band mean business. Building upon the legacy of ’90s riot grrrl and queercore bands, Dump Him have smashed their debut album out of the park.

The 23-minute project is an elegy to past selves, a riotous call into the void that deals with issues like climate anxiety and self-preservation. It’s sincere punk that whizzes by so fast you can’t help but press replay.

We came across the Massachusetts four-piece via following Pitchfork‘s Instagram. We also follow the writer of the review on Dump Him’s latest album, and she kindly linked the review in her Insta bio for everyone to access.

After reading the review we immediately fled to our music apps to listen to Dump Him’s terrific brand of queercore punk, and now we plan on dumping the men in our lives to celebrate.

Pitchfork described their words as “lyrical pearls in the musical fury”, which is probably the most accurate way to describe how Dump Him blend carefully curated lyricism with loud and abrasive tunes.

We’ve also noticed quite a few of our fave queer punk bands sing their praises on their Instagram stories, so it’s clear that the band are slowly grabbing everyone’s attention.

Anyone who is a fan of fierce and female punk would definitely appreciate the sensibilities of Dump Him.

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your hidden love for riotous and riveting punk music? Who knew you had it in you?

Dykes to Watch out For, as a debut album, proves that Dump Him have got so much more to say in the future, and have just stopped by the quench our thirst while we wait for it.

It’s an incredible project that you should definitely check out if you love punk, rock, or supporting queer artists around the globe.

Check out the magnificent ‘Dykes to Watch out For’ by Dump Him: