Dua Lipa’s opening act Eves Karydas – formerly known as Eves The Behavior – is one of the most talked about acts in Australia right now. After dropping off the radar for two years to write and record her debut album, the Brisbane born artist is back with a bold and sophisticated vision.

Her supporting slot was a slice of glimmering pop heaven. Weaving her way through new material, the already-released Further Than The Planes Fly and There For You translated gorgeously. Eves is one of the most exciting pop stars on our radar and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.

Photographer: Georgia Moloney

“My last show in Sydney was really really small, there was 100 people maybe and the stage was just a step above the audience… and it feels really surreal to come here tonight” Dua Lipa said to the sold out crowd of almost 3000 strong at Sydney’s Big Top in Luna Park.

Dua Lipa is leading a new wave of amazing pop music and pop stars — those who don’t quite fit the traditional mould, who call out bullshit when they see it, and who stand for tolerance and love for all people — and it’s clear her audience are loving it.

Photographer: Georgia Moloney

“This song is a song about being true to yourself, about being proud of who you are, never listening to anyone who tells you to be anything different… you deserve to be 100% you, unapologetically you, you make the f***ing rules.” she yelled to the crowd before bursting in to her hit song ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’, blowing everyone in the audience’s mind with her standout performance and high energy dance moves.

The best part of the night was Dua Lipa’s voice itself, which blends a perfect mix of sultry blues styles with pop inflections, and sounds just as amazing live as it does on her self-titled record.

Photographer: Georgia Moloney

She blasted through the hits ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and ‘IDGAF’, as well ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ which was recorded with Martin Garrix – backed by a three piece band who managed to cover drums, synths, guitar, bass, and keyboard.

Photographer: Georgia Moloney

Her record features a lot of backing vocals, but instead of bringing anyone else on stage with her, Lipa skilfully used the crowd. The best example of this was in her first encore song ‘Be The One’, in which she got the crowd to sing back the main hook ‘I could be the one’, while singing her own vocal runs over the top.

Dua Lipa ended the night with ‘New Rules’, the smash hit that garnered her worldwide attention, topping off what was an amazing set of high-energy pop songs blended with slower, bluesy ballads.

Dua Lipa is one of pop’s standout stars right now – a complete powerhouse.