Guys and ghouls October is upon us and the Don’t Bore Us team have carefully curated a kooky and spooky Halloween playlist to pumpkin spice up your life this festive season. It’s time to get spoopy.

1. I Miss YouBlink-182

It’s near on impossible to make a Halloween playlist without this absolute banger. ‘It’s not technically a Halloween song!’ you shout- and to that we argue ‘there’s lyrical references to morgues, spiders and also Jack and Sally’. Check mate.

Also always deserves an honourable mention just for Tom Delonge whining “my ‘ead”.

2. It’s Almost Halloween – Panic! At The Disco

If playing this song every day through September, only to go on and play it through every day of October is wrong then we don’t want to be right. Also, did you know that this song was recorded in a bathroom? Truth. Zack told us.

3. What’s This? – Fall Out Boy

All hail Patrick the Stumpkin king! Has anyone settled the debate on whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie yet? Depending on your personal opinion, you may believe this song doesn’t belong on the list. That’s probably fair.

You can vote on whether you think it’s a Christmas or Halloween movie on our very official twitter poll:

4. Nearly Witches – Panic At The Disco!

You have set your heart on haunting me forever from the start…
Undoubtedly one of the spookier songs in Panic!’s repertoire, there’s something so eerie about a children’s choir. Also rumour has it that this is the last song that Ryan Ross participated in writing the lyrics for. It’s brilliant, to be perfectly honest.

5. Sally’s Song – Fiona Apple

There has been discourse aplenty over the years as to whether Evanescence‘s Amy Lee or Fiona Apple performed this song better. But my emo heart will always side with Fiona, luv u forever my tempestuous queen.

6. Zombie Hands – The Killers

Honestly? Bless The Killers for their novelty psuedo-singles that they release for specific holidays. This one is particularly good (if short), but to be honest our heart still belongs to Don’t Shoot Me Santa as far as their novelty pseudo-singles go.

7. This Is Halloween – Panic! At The Disco

How many songs off The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is too many? Trick question, there are never enough. Especially when our emo princes in Panic! are involved.

8. Forever Halloween – The Maine!

Because, as The Maine put it so eloquently- “we’re all monsters, living in a dream”In which The Maine do Halloween almost as well as they do Christmas.

9. Ghosts – PVRIS

We know, ‘just because the song is called Ghosts, that doesn’t mean it’s spooky OR a Halloween song’. And to that we say ‘yeah ok, but Lynn Gunn is always appropriate to appear on any musical list’. Don’t @ us. Honourable mention to the lyric “I’m the one with the ghosts in my bed, but they only come alive at night.”

10. Vampires Will Never Hurt You – My Chemical Romance

While not technically a Halloween song, My Chemical Romance are inarguably the spookiest, most Halloween-aesthetic band in the scene. The band that famously said “let’s cover ourselves in blood” and literally wear costumes? Please. As if they were just going to not get a mention in this list. As if. AS IF.

11. Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) – Fall Out Boy

Who you gonna call? Fall Out Boy, of course! It’s a real travesty that we didn’t get a music video for this absolute banger. Show of hands who wants to see the boys in Fall Out Boy running around, bustin’ some ghosts in those Ghostbusters jumpsuits?

12. Decode – Paramore

A song from the most important motion picture soundtrack of all time. Twilight. Team Edward forever.

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