@andystranger has an incredible story to tell about how she found Demi the Daredevil on Instagram. Through her love of other artists similar to them on Instagram, they actually found her first, and encouraged her to listen to their sick tunes!

She got into contact with us recently to tell about how much she loves the band, and how through supporting them on the gram, they even got her to design merch for them! It’s an insane story, and definitely one of our faves from the fan submissions series.

How did you discover Demi the Daredevil?

“I found Demi The Daredevil on Instagram last year. They invited me directly through DM to listen to their music and when I finally gave them a listen I was surprised by their dark, mysterious sound and deep lyrics. Back then it was only Jeff Azar’s solo project now Tyler G is part of it too. It’s always nice talking to him. At first, I thought it was a bot but he really takes the time to talk to the Devilins (the name for fans of his music) and connect with them.

“I could tell his music was honest and that really captivated me. He talks openly about mental health and his struggle dealing with anxiety, depression and other issues. It really helps to know there are other people going through the same problems and that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

“I’m a graphic designer and I had the incredible opportunity to design some unlimited merch inspired in the single ‘America Anonymous’. I’ll be forever grateful that I found his music and I’m now part of a loving community.”

Check out @andystranger’s merch design, an opportunity that was given to her for supporting her favourite new up and coming band on Instagram.

“Their new EP Magic + Accidents was released a few days ago and I think everyone should listen to it. DDT is so underrated I think they deserve more recognition for such incredible music, listening to it feels like reading a really good book! A dark fairytale.”

We love Andy’s story because it shows how apps like Instagram can help you get closer to the music and artists you love. Sometimes if you’re lucky, your favourite artist might even reach out to you!

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