@kaitlynnemarree couldn’t contain her love for Darling Brando any longer, and so she has decided to hit us up and sing the praises of this phenomenal band! 

We asked @kaitlynnemarree as part of our fan submission series how she discovered the group and why she loves them so much.

She even sent us in a few of her favourite Instagram posts from the band that she first fell in love with when she discovered them. Thanks to these posts, Kaitlynne was inspired to check out the band’s music, maybe they can inspire you to do the same!

How did you discover Darling Brando?

“I discovered Darling Brando the day they were announced as a band as I originally followed them as separate musicians on Instagram, so when the news came that they were all joining together to create a band I was beyond excited. Darling Brando is super talented and I love that their voices mesh so well together. Although I haven’t had a chance to see them live or hear an original song just yet, the covers they have released on their YouTube and Instagram are enough to show just how much talent is encapsulated in this band.”

What do you love about the band?

“I love the band because they are so talented and their voices just gel together to create amazing music and its a bonus just how much they do for their fans through their Instagram. They spend so much time creating music and spending time talking to the fans that you forget that they are a band who are known in places like Singapore and all throughout Europe.”

Why should more people check out @darlingbrando on Insta?

“Everyone should check Darling Brando out because one listen and you will be hooked. You will fall in love with the amazing harmonies of every song they cover and the guys behind the music who care so much for their fans and recognise just how important they are. This band will go far in the future and I’ll be with them till the end!”

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