Strap in, because two major pop culture icons have crossed paths and the story is so delightfully awkward that you’ll get likely get some second hand embarrassment. D’Arcey Carden who plays Janet on The Good Place reflects on the uncomfortable run-in which occurred when she was fan-girling over Harry Styles.

While on Justin Long’s podcast, Life is Short, Carden recounted the incident and began by explaining that she’s a massive, non-ironic, fan of Harry Styles. D’Arcey has seen One Direction perform nine times and even tweeted this photo of her and Harry together way back in 2014. In short, it’s pretty obvious that D’Arcey stans the rocker, hard.

Skipping on to the main event, Carden shared that she was invited backstage when Harry Styles performed on James Corden’s show, and the pair crossed paths in the green room.

“He looks at me,” Carden tells Long, “and his eyes light up. He comes over and gives me a hug. And we’re chatting, and I can’t believe he remembers me. What a great memory! He’s giving all of these really sweet compliments about what a good job I have been doing, and I think, ‘Oh my god, he watches The Good Place,’ which is so nice of him. He’s so nice, and he’s so polite.”

Absolutely stoked with the nights events, Carden was on somewhat of a high and decided to engage in some banter when Styles glanced over at her again and said ‘What are you guys talking about?’”

“Nothing,” Carden sassily retorted. “Mind your own beeswax!”

Here’s where it gets cringey. Styles apparently caught the attention of the entire green room and made an announcement.

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“Everybody, Sue won’t stop talking about the promotion she got. Give it up for Sue! She’s doing so good!” He said.

“When he says, ‘big promotion,’” Carden explains, “my heart drops. I’m like, ‘Please, get me out of here.’ [My sister] grabs my leg, and we both go [under our breath], ‘Oh nooo. Fuuuuuuuuu*k.’”

“I just wanted to disappear into a ball of dust on the ground.”

In the moment Carden had the option to clear up the confusion and confirm that she wasn’t, infact, the ‘Sue’ that Style’s thought she was. Instead, Carden says she stuck with the name Sue and spoke to him three or four more times that night without correcting him.

Before the night was over, “he gave me a hug again, and said something like, ‘Good to see you again, Sue!’”

Proving that aside from simply being stupidly good looking and ridiculously talented, he also has a sense of humour, Styles has since joked about the mix up.

“He’s so sweet, and he’s so hilarious about the whole thing. It’s been cleared up. One of the first times I saw him after telling that story was at a party and he looked at me and said, ‘Hi Sue!’ and I thought, ‘Oh fu*k,” and he said, ‘Just kidding!’” Carden shared.

“He truly is the most wonderful person,” Carden said, completing the story.

Here’s a video of Harry Styles on Jame Corden’s Carpool for your enjoyment.