We’ve just found one of the greatest funk, jazz, pop and rock fusion bands you’ll ever hear this decade, and we just had to share the magic. Here’s Ludic.

Self-described as “A funk, jazz & soul trio consisting of Ayla Tesler-Mabe and brothers Max and Rhett Cunningham”, Ludic is one of the most colourful and energetic bands we’ve ever come across.

And you won’t believe how we found them. The DBU office was feeling extremely flat one evening, and so we decided to type in random and crazy hashtags on Instagram to see what we could find. Lo and behold, #funkyandfresh lead us to a beautifully accidental discovery of funk-rock band Ludic.

We instantly fell in love with their sound, because of our already burning love for half•alive. We can definitely see the similarities, with both bands coming to the table with their own unique approaches the jazzy and funky pop-rock music that we cannot get enough of.

Needless to say, now that we have discovered Vancouver trio Ludic, we just cannot stop hitting replay. I mean, just check out the fun little videos they post on Instagram. They just seem like a great time, which is fitting, because all of their tunes so far just fill us with all the good feels.

Ludic is calling, are you answering? They’ve just dropped their brand new single a couple of weeks ago called ‘Phone’, which bursts and glistens with pure pop excellence.

That’s really the whole Ludic aesthetic, which feels inspired by the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote and other similarly adventurous and sonically sweet rockers on the block.

Bright colours, bustling riffs, sugary sweet lyrics, everything comes together to just feel right as rain. Plus the tunes are catchy AF, which is always a bonus. Earworms always win in the end.

Honestly, we just want to be a part of this incredibly joyous trio, they just seem like a whole tonne of fun. Where can we audition?

You can check out the sweet and bright new video from the band for their song ‘My Love’ down below.

Check out ‘My Love’ by Ludic below: