In what can only be a celebration of the Scorpio new moon, power pop paladins Charly Bliss have gone and dropped a surprise EP, Supermoon. It’s just, a glossy, saccharine, dream. Co-star can hit me with it’s best shot, Supermoon has my back.

The EP was recorded in the same sessions that bore the band’s stunning record, Young Enough, one of our absolute favourite releases of the year.

“Making Young Enough was the most fulfilling creative experience I’ve had thus far,” shared frontwoman Eva Hendricks. “Not only because I’m proud of the songs that ended up on the record, but also because I’m proud of myself and my bandmates for putting in an obsessive amount of work into making sure the album would be the best it could be.

“We wrote too many songs and slowly whittled it down to the ones that told the most vivid and concise story. We’re so excited to release the Supermoon EP, a small collection of songs that helped us get there. We recorded them at the same time as the rest of the record, before we knew which songs would make it on. I think they fill in the cracks and enhance the narrative of Young Enough and show you how we got where we were going. Enjoy!”