‘Bodak Yellow’ by Cardi B has just been RIAA-certified diamond, making her the first-ever female rapper to achieve the feat. 

That’s right, her breakout track has now surpassed 10 million units sold, which is the equivalent of going ten-times platinum (just casually).

It’s safe to say Cardi was stoked by the news of her achievement, although it came out of the blue while she was rehearsing for her upcoming Grammys performance on Sunday, March 14th.

“I’ve been rehearsing all day today, I’m really stressed out, my body’s aching. At rehearsal, they said to me, ‘Yo, you gotta meet up with Atlantic execs.’ I’m like, ‘Yo I’m fucking tired like I don’t wanna talk about no Grammys, I don’t wanna talk about no album, I’m just tired,'” she said in a video uploaded to Twitter.

“Then I still got drove to a restaurant. I’m like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? I’m trying to go home, see Offset, fuck him. Ah!’ Then I’m here and I just got this crazy surprise. And I think you guys are gonna find out tomorrow and I just want to say: Thank you guys so much because without you guys this wouldn’t happen,” she added.

Six hours after Cardi’s post, the Recording Industry Association of America retweeted her to make the announcement official.

“Congratulations to @iamcardib,” they wrote, “The first female rapper to achieve a RIAA [diamond] single award!”

Meanwhile, a fan account also (somehow) got their hands on footage of Cardi unwrapping her diamond plague.

“It’s diamond for real?” a shocked Cardi is heard saying in the video.

It seems she was also surprised that the user unearthed the clip since she soon tweeted: WTFFF !!! How the heiiilllll yall already [k]now ???”

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Check out the RIAA-certified diamond ‘Bodak Yellow’ by Cardi B: