BTS have released their new ‘Dynamite’ single and video in English. It has already broken YouTube music video records.

Finally, some good news. Do you remember when Bieber dropped ‘Baby’ and YouTube could not cope under all that traffic? This isn’t even close, because the first original English-language song dropped at midnight with at least 3 million hits, and at the time of writing has now pushed past 30 million. You don’t have any excuses not to see this one.

Fellow Korean pop juggernaut BLACKPINK held the record for ‘How You Like That,’ where they in turn toppled another BTS tune that held a YouTube record, ‘On.’  Point is, they keep just setting the bar higher and higher.

And as one seventh of the band, vocalist Jungkook explains, people need to be motivated and lifted right now. “A lot of people are going through some tough times right now. I hope that ‘Dynamite’ will be a healing song, a therapeutic song to make lots of people happy,”  he said in a digital press conference.

We’ve certainly gone through some tough times this year. “When things were difficult for us, things were challenging for us, this was sort of a ray of light, a sip of sweet water to overcome some of this,” recalled fellow member RM. “We call this our own recharge project, and we hope this will recharge your own batteries, even if for a moment. We hope to restore some of this energy to anyone who listens to this song.”

‘Dynamite’ spearheads an upcoming album that’s set for release later in the year. They decided to release ahead of the album’s schedule because it was good enough for a standalone single. “When we were recording the guide version, we thought the English lyrics fit the melody better and it felt new, different than what we tried before,” revealed V. “So considering the song and the melody, we all agreed that singing in English would be better.”

The band has had Top 10 singles before on the coveted Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, but never at the top spot. You can tell fans are already going to pitch this and make this happen, in the name of all that is K-Pop.

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Check out the explosive ‘Dynamite’ single: